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Bathtub Refinishing Boca Raton

Updating your home bathrooms can increase the property value, make it look aesthetically appealing, and make it more livable.  An attractive bathroom is something we all want but often can’t achieve because of the high prices involved in renovating.  Investing in replacing with new tiles, bathtubs, toilets, sinks and other bathroom essentials can cost thousands of dollars.

Well, news flash! Making your bathroom look modern doesn't have to be expensive or complicated! 


By hiring LJN Refinishing for Bathtub refinishing Boca Raton and surface resurfacing, we can turn any worn-out or outdated looking surface to look new and modern. If you've not heard of bathtub painting Boca Raton yet, let us show you the endless options you can choose from.


You should only hire the best bathtub refinishing Boca Raton services if you want your bathroom job to turn out just the way you pictured it.  LJN Refinishing has over 30 years experience and has helped thousands of homeowners just like you.

Boca Raton is a city on the southeastern coast of Florida, popular for its parks, beaches, and golf courses. It also has an amazing reputation for having the best entertainment sites for families and individuals. It has a total area of 81.81 km². It has a friendly population, making Boca Raton an ideal place to stay.

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“I'm amazed how quickly and affordably it took to transform our old bathroom to look new and modern again!  Thank you!!”

Renee Y., Boca Raton FL

bathtub painting Boca Raton

Bathroom Remodeling and Bathtub Resurfacing Boca Raton

Over time, the bathtubs in your bathroom can start to look drab as they eventually lose their pristine shine. There’s a chance the tub might also chip on the sides. Fortunately, bathtub resurfacing Boca Raton is an incredibly convenient and affordable solution for your Boca Raton house. 

Bathtub resurfacing Boca Raton is a convenient option for bathroom owners who want to give their bathroom a fresh look. There are 15+ different color shades that you can choose during the bathtub painting Boca Raton.

It’s the best way to personalize your home bathtub and get a neutral color. Our Boca Raton bathtub refinishing crew take your health and home very seriously.  Our technicians wear gloves and masks on all jobs and/or estimates, and we will leave the job clean and organized as though we were never there.

Our LJN Refinishing Boca Raton team is standing by for your call and we will be happy to come meet with you to provide you with a free bathtub reglazing estimate.

The best part is we will not rush you through the process.  We will clearly communicate through each step. Our 5-star reputation speaks for itself.  


Contact us at (561) 664-3357 for a free estimate today!

Quality Bathtub Reglazing Boca Raton is Affordable

The cost of bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest concerns for customers. We understand bathtub reglazing Boca Raton can cost homeowners a lot, which is why we have options for all budgets.

Our experts at LJN Refinishing believe in facilitating clients in the best way possible and finding solutions that suit their budgets. We can provide a comprehensive inspection of your bathroom and help you pick the best design, refinishing, and bathtub reglazing Boca Raton option for your bathroom.

We can provide you with multiple options for reference and inspiration, and we will go a step ahead to ensure all your bathtub resurfacing are completed to fine detail. 

We have years of tub refinishing experience and are leading experts in the industry. All you have to do is contact our professionals at LJN Refinishing, and we will get started with gathering ideas for your Bathtub painting Boca Raton job. 

Contact us at (561) 664-3357 for a free estimate today!

bathtub resurfacing Boca Raton
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