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A+ Rated Cabinet Resurfacing Port Salerno

Port Salerno is a peaceful, fun, and family-centered place to live. Enjoy a refinishing job for your cabinets and find yourself falling back in love with your home cabinet. LJN cabinet resurfacing Port Salerno will refinish your cabinets within hours so you can get back into your kitchen or bathroom and enjoy our work. You may have never heard of cabinet refinishing and resurfacing Port Salerno services, but this innovative method will revitalize your entire home cabinets. Our cabinet resurfacing Port Salerno team is standing by to take your call!

What is Cabinet Reglazing?

Refinishing and painting is a quick and easy process with little downtime. Remodeling is expensive, but it can be a time-consuming process. In some cases, a kitchen can take weeks or even months. Cabinet reglazing Port Salerno services your kitchen can give you the results you've been looking for without crowding out your family. Choose a clear finish or a new color to make your cabinet look alive. Transform your kitchen cabinet with us into a kitchen you're proud of, and your guests will love it. A cabinet reglazing Port Salerno protects your cabinet from the dangerous heat, mildew, or damage typical of South Florida homes. Not only can you get a new makeover for a fraction of the price, but you can also refinish your Port Salerno cabinets. With LJN refinishing, you can make your cabinet last another summer.

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“We highly recommend LJN services.”

Young Family, Port Salerno FL

cabinet refinishing Port Salerno

Trusted and Insured Cabinet Refinishing Port Salerno Services

LJN refinishing has been in the field for over 30 years, and we take pride in our work. Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority. We are insured and licensed, and our experienced team is capable of handling projects of all sizes.

We value quality, integrity, and service. We want to ensure that every customer receives superior cabinet refinishing Port Salerno and cabinet reglazing Port Salerno services, regardless of the job's size. That's why we treat your property with care as if it were ours. We work professionally, respond to all inquiries, and take responsibility. With us, you will get great results from trusted professionals. Are you looking for a painting professional near Port Salerno, Florida? If so, get in touch with us! We are happy to provide you with our services with a free estimate.

The kitchen cabinet resurfacing and cabinet refinishing Port Salerno services allow you to change or revitalize the look of your kitchen or bathroom without replacing the existing cabinets. With this service, our technicians will refinish your cabinet boxes. The new cabinet drawers and door fronts can come in various designs and finishes to create a new look in your kitchen or bathroom.

Contact us at (561) 664-3357 for a free estimate today!

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How much does it cost to Cabinet Painting Port Salerno?

Our cabinet refinishing, resurfacing and cabinet painting Port Salerno service is an excellent, less invasive way to update the look of your cabinets for less than the cost of a full replacement. The cabinet refinishing takes about 3 to 6 days, and the final product will leave you feeling like you have a brand-new kitchen or bathroom.


The price depends on several factors, including the cabinet's condition, the material, and the cost of new hardware, such as knobs and hinges.

Book a free estimate with your local, independently owned LJN cabinet painting Port Salerno franchise to get accurate pricing for your project.

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