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Refinishing Your Cabinets: A Cost-Effective and Quick Alternative to Replacing

Have you considered replacing your cabinets but want to avoid investing the money or time? Consider refinishing them instead! Refinishing your cabinets is a cost-effective and quick alternative to replacing them. Let's explore why refinishing your cabinets is a great option for those looking for an affordable solution that leaves a lasting impression.

Save Time and Money

The major benefit of refinishing is the cost savings. Professionally refinishing a full set of cabinets can cost up to 50% less than replacing them, depending on the size and condition of the set. Additionally, the process can be completed in 1-3 days, meaning you won't have to worry about long construction projects taking over your home and displacing you and your family from your kitchen space.

Hiring a professional team like LJN to come in to refinish cabinets will ensure the best quality and lasting finish to your new cabinets. Give your kitchen a facelift without the construction headache while saving thousands of dollars!

Preserve your Space

Another benefit of refinishing is that it helps preserve the integrity of your kitchen space while allowing you to update its style still and look. If you love your existing cabinets but are looking for a way to freshen up their look, refinishing will give them a brand-new finish without having to replace them altogether.

You can get the exact color or finish you want with professional painting, staining, and glazing techniques. You don’t need to worry about matching existing décor or appliances. You can choose any color or finish for your cabinets, allowing you to create the perfect look for your space. Whether it’s glossy white paint or rich mahogany stain, there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing the look of your refinished cabinets!

Less Money, Less Waste

Finally, one more great reason to consider cabinet refinishing is that it is much more eco-friendly than replacement options. When refinishing, often only minimal repairs are needed. This helps to reduce landfill waste caused by discarded old cabinetry while still achieving a stunning look that you'll love in your home. Not only does this help reduce landfill waste from discarded old cabinetry, but it also uses fewer materials, which is easier on the environment.

The many benefits of cabinet refinishing undoubtedly make it one of the best environmentally friendly choices for homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom space!


Cabinet refinishing offers an affordable and efficient way for homeowners seeking an updated look to their kitchen without investing in costly replacements or long-term construction projects. It allows homeowners to maintain the integrity of their kitchen space while freshening up its look with professional staining and glazing techniques and being much more eco-friendly than other options available today. Whether you’re looking for a modern update or want something different, cabinet refinishing is worth considering.

Let the experts step in to make your kitchen dreams a reality. Call our team at LJN Refinishing for a free consultation today!


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